Idk what happened

but recently i have not been feeling good, been real stressed about med changes and i was prepared to switch but because of insurance i cant get new med, so now i am still on the old med but for some reason i feel like mentally something has changed, maybe just thinking to much but i have been alot more anxious.

almost feel like something has changed in a bad way i just want to stay in bed all day and i have been having alot more negative depressing thoughts and have been having like breakdowns when im just by myself thinking, idk whats going on because chemically nothing has changed so i should feel how ive been feeling the past year.

maybe i am just super stressed since things are not working out and i feel like now that it has been brought up i dont want to take this med anymore and i really dont like the insane amount of weight i gained, i just want to feel and look normal and not always be dealing with problems no matter what i do, i had things i was looking forward to this year but now i feel like i may not even be able to enjoy things when it is time.

i dont like making posts like this about stuff when im not doing good but mostly i just felt like i needed to write some stuff down and i feel like i cant share stuff like this with normal everyday people in life and posting on a forum where no one really knows me kinda helps me to let stuff out.


maybe the weathers getting you down? lack of sunlight?

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has been some weird weather, 70 degrees and sunny and 30 degrees with snow in the same week

lol true yea we get the same weather here. i find im better on sunnier days especially if i go out.

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