Ideas/Delusions Of Reference

How often does these experiences happen to you? occasionally, 24/7, rarely

a perception that irrelevant or unrelated things in the world are referring to you directly or have special personal significance.

  • people on television or radio are talking about or talking directly to you.
  • people are laughing at you when in fact, they were laughing at a joke someone told.
  • headlines or stories in newspapers are written especially for you.
  • events (even world events) have been deliberately contrived for you or have special personal significance .
  • having the experience that people (often strangers) drop hints or say things about you behind your back.
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  1. They speak of everyone.

  2. They laugh at everyone.

  3. They are written especially for/about everyone.

  4. They all have been contrived and have special significance for all.

  5. They all do. Happens everyday.

You can’t really say anything about any one of us that doesn’t have to do with all of us.

I had ideas/delusions of reference 24/7 until my medicine completely kicked in.

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What trips me out is when I’m sitting somewhere and say it’s too sunny and I wish the shade were drawn and I’m thinking about getting up and pulling the shades and then someone just walks up and does it and says “there ya go.” As if they were obeying a mental command.

If just one incident happens, then I’m Ok. If it happens a bit more then I start to get a little off thinking I’m controlling people with my mind again, or people are reading my head.

I think i would feel bored if i didnt have such experiences. i have never completely been without them for over a decade. of course it wasnt good at first because i wasnt immuned to the invasion of privacy and being face to face with the unknown.

Rarely to all.
Guess I’m not very special.

Okay, wait. One time on a blistering hot triple digit day, I drove over to a friends house after her mom had died, and found her not at home. I was sitting in my car, sweating profusely, trying to write her a note. I felt like I was going to pass out when I heard what sounded like a huge blower fan turn on and a strong wind was blowing only on me. The trees were still, no one was around, no other vehicles, no bushes moving either. I sat there and cooled down pretty quick. Never saw anything that could have caused it, now where it came from, but it only blew on me, and hard enough to move my hair and clothes and paper. …?

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If you are squinting or turning your head away from the window because the sun is in your eyes then chances are someone picked up on that and figured they would close them for you. :sunny:


I know that now. I know my brain is sort of in two camps at all times.

I have the logical mind and the Sz mind and they like to argue. Some times my logical mind wins the argument. Sometimes sadly, my logical mind looses the argument. If my logical mind looses too many arguments… then I have to get some help.

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sometimes - if people on TV or face-to-face or radio or anywhere speak of certain things like sicknesses, which scare me I will interpret it to mean that certain thing is going to befall me, that I am going to get sick. I see signs in a lot of things, its scary!

I am not officially diagnosed but I just became aware last night while doing some research that this happens to me. I always just thought I was a little paranoid or that it was all in my head and was a normal though… I just had to control it and try think it away. When it happens, it helps to have my iPod on because the music blocks out the thoughts. What happens is if I hear someone laughing I will start feeling uncomfortable and start to panic in my head because I am acutely aware of the fact that they are laughing at me and my mind tries to think of the reasons but I panic and it gets progressively worse. Or I will think they are following me. Same thing happens when I am driving sometimes… I feel like the car behind me is following me until they finally go their own way. :frowning: … just an after thought… when someone says something I always bring it back to myself. I will ask, “Is it me?”… or everything other people say, I can make it apply to myself with my own awesome story… they are true but it could be the ideas of reference that it applies to me or a bit of narcissism or perhaps some of both.

Although I spend most of my time thinking rationally, my thinking is ruled by unreason and the irrational. It always pops up and offends.
As for ideas of reference, I am well aware of them when I think them. I always make a mental note of them and label them immediately as “ideas of reference”.
No sooner have I made a friend than I begin applying ideas of reference to his actions. I guess it’s because I want his attention.
Can’t watch movies on TV because of ideas of reference.

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I am so grateful for this thread.
I heavily self medicated for years undiagnosed.
It wasn’t until I sobered up that that the delusions of reference became pronounced and amplified.
No social media.
No television.
No contact with anyone but family. (I’ve been staying with my parents for the last 7 months)

I’m currently between docs off meds and it is very taxing.

It’s like a cruel cosmic prank, karmic justice from a past life or something thereof.

I’m starting to see the depression develop in my daughter and it brings me to my knees EVERY DAY.

This site has taught me more about myself in the past week than I have learned in years.

Thank you for existing.

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