I'd rather be fishing right now

we are allways fishing for something. {looking} sooooooooooooo. what you fishing for today? with me is parts for my car.


I think we’ll wait til tomorrow to get Whitey a new battery.

I left the lights on by accident recently, she’s real good though,
shuts off automatic, and still started right up, after several hours,
but the headlights flicker a bit when I’m coming home from work.

What parts are YOU looking for? I know we’ve never had her battery changed since I bought her.

Id rather be fishing right now, but literally.
“Fishing delicious fishes,” like Gollum said.
a couple of days ago i went fishing on a sunny day with a nephew.
we caught nothing but a sun tan.

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I want to go fishing so bad!

I’m :fishing_pole_and_fish: fishing for peace of mind today :cold_sweat:


So am I, @everhopeful

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I like fishing my pockets for change but from what I catch I always feel like a sucker.

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