I wonder if these are negative symptoms?

Feelng tired all the time, not being able to say full sentences at an interview (because I am anxious)…wanting friends but finding it hard…

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I don’t really understand the concept of negative symptoms.

From my personal experience, negative symptoms equals medication side effects of aripoprazole


The negative symptoms are when you have nothing at all to do and you can’t think of anything to do, and that persists. All the rest are not considered negative symptoms.

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im definately tired all the time too. probably a symptom…

“Avolition” is a term used to describe the lack of motivation or ability to do tasks or activities that have an end goal , such as paying bills or attending a school function. Avolition occurs most commonly in schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar disorder.

More and more I’m believing that ‘negative’ symptoms are attributed to AP use and not from disease.

Risperdal as an example zaps my energy, leaving me with less motivation.

It also blocks dopamine which diminishes the amount of pleasure and joy I could feel.

It’s the meds.


Depression does the same @Wave .


Yes, so true @SkinnyMe
But the meds make lack of motivation much worse imo


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