I wish I was a sexy model (OF)

I have been deciding whether or not I want to try my luck at being a sex worker online for people to oggle.
Wife says my package is nice, but I could stand to lose some pounds and maybe this would encourage me to some more. I’ve always been vain and self absorbed.
I want to do what I love and I love being lewd.
Regular jobs are for neurotipicals anyways

This is half serious half a joke. I know I’m idealizing it

Serious answer to half serious consideration. I know some folks who are/were in that business. Some people thought it was fine, others found it devastating. Mostly, the people who only did solo work anonymously had an easier time than anyone who showed their face, did partnered videos, or did in-person work. It can increase hatred of your body, because you will have jerk commentors who try to get free stuff and then turn abusive when you say no. You can get people who pay you, then later dispute the credit card charge and get refunded, which takes the money from your account. PayPal is notorious for this, as they have in their TOS that you cannot use their service for sex work payments. Get a PO box or UPS box linked to your business so nobody can find your home address. Set boundaries for yourself ahead of time so you know what you will absolutely not do. It’s better to know in advance where hard boundaries are than to get inti a situation and then realize you aren’t comfortable. But also, it’s okay to back out at any time, just like it’s okay to walk out of any other job.


a troll?

never seen him before.

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I walked out of my retail job this week so that is why I’m even considering it in the first place, I posted about it in the employment support thread.
Thank you for not being mean to me for me silly thoughts and giving actual constructive criticism

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Hey, you’re an adult. If you choose to earn money in a legal way, that’s your business. Stay safe though, and be honest with yourself about how you feel. It is a field that is terrible about exploitation and it can impact romantic relationships. Remember this meme

This applies to sex, also. If you earn money from an enjoyable hobby, it might turn that hobby into a dreaded task instead of a fun hobby. You might hate the idea of doing it.

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