I wish I was a normie

I’m married to a normie. He has his act together. Not many friends, but he has lifelong friends. I don’t. I wish I did. Not sure my friends are all normies, but I have some. Not close friends though. My sister is a nurse, BSN. I’m only a massage therapist. She really has her act together. She is married with kids like me. She has close friends and many other friends besides. My paranoia is why I don’t have more friends. I wish I was more like her and other normies. I do make the best of things. I feel like I have defecits.


Never wanted to be anybody else but me.


I have one close friend but no partner. Making friends is easier for me than having a partner.

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The way I look at it is normies are hot, the MI are cold. I never thought hot and cold could get along. How do you do it? A dog’s hot breath on my cold leg is enough to make me sick and end the relationship.

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We do it together.


Wishing to be more like a normal doesn’t make you a normal or help you make friends. You need to get out and meet people, interact with them. Grow skills and confidence. This is why I keep recommending hobbies, clubs, volunteer work, etc. Network with like-mided people.

That or keep wishing. The people who wish without taking any steps are the ones who spend their lives on the outside looking in mournfully.


I hate you @velociraptor /s



Everyone is in some way disabled

I gave up wishing and started creating

People with SZ can do so so much, and live a very successful life im certain of it.

Dont get fooled by societies expectations that that is whats normal

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I’m too paranoid for proper socializing to occur
I lost my good friends because of social withdrawal and mainly paranoia.

Are you currently working as a massage therapist @SpringRose?

Yes, I am. I do what I do because it’s working on one person at a time. It’s low pressure low stress.


Good for you!
That’s something a “normie” would do

Don’t sell yourself short

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Thanks @Wave. I really appreciate it.

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I have one in real life friend. He is a good friend.

I’ve met some women on bumble I’ve become friends with over the last 6 months. They know I’m schizo and don’t care. We hang out, talk on the phone, WhatsApp all the time. There is a little flirty, teasing, complimentary vibe sometimes, lol.

I spent over a decade with almost no social life. No friends, no gf, a had a few jobs on and off but nothing long term other than my freelance computer work, not much of a life for 17 years. But I started feeling better in my 40s, I’m 44 now, so I joined Bumble and am putting myself out there. I got a job as a delivery driver and am now one of their best employees.

There is an expression someone in your situation may benefit from" fake it till you make it". That means if you don’t feel like socializing, put yourself out there, outside your comfort zone, you will adapt, you’ll meet some cool people (and some asses). Just takes time and effort.


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