I wish I can see my pdoc every day

I saw my pdoc yesterday. Everytime he sees me it makes me feel better. But I forget what he said to me after I leave. I would like to record him. I wish I can see him every day. Right now I am worried about celebriity people and strangers reading my intrusive thoughts.

Did you tell him this ?

He knows what my problems are about but he gives me advice that I wish I could remember.

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That’s ok. So long as he knows.

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I’d take a pen and notepad in.

Sounds like he has some good advice!

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Yes, this is my problem too. There is a problem with my working memory that makes it hard for me to transition information into short term and then eventually to long term memory storage. I had it tested. It’s the illness that causes it.

Last year I dealt with some major health issues. I had several surgeries and was visiting the doctor regularly. I went through the whole process not really understanding what was happening and being unable to explain it to other people because I could not process and retain the info from my doctors. I couldn’t remember anything after my appointments. I felt frustrated and scared.

Anyway, I just wanted to say I can relate to the forgetting. Taking notes is a good idea. Be sure to let your doctor know why you’re doing it, so maybe they’ll talk slower or try to be more concise.

It is an understandable desire to have your treatment team at hand. I heard one of the Beach Boys took a shrink on tour with the Boys.

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