I will turn 29 soon and still unable to decide on my career path

I am unable to take a decision partly because I am unable to focus upon anything. I keep changing my career path choices and keep wasting time.

I don’t find anything interesting for me to be able to do.

My parents are not forcing me to work but they too are getting impatient.

I don’t know what to do. :roll_eyes:

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If you are in the US and free from the SSI, or SSDI systems I suggest you focus on the benefits of the career like the money you make, paid vacations, sick leave rather than how interesting it is. If the job is worthless that way like jobs which keep you in the SSI, or SSDI systems for the most part then you focus on how interesting it is. Otherwise I don’t know what to tell you.

At 35 I don’t have it figures out myself … last month it was accounts… i work in admin right now … but i don’t choose this it just gets me by


I think it’s hard to figure out what you can do while having limitations. It takes a lot more effort to figure it out. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Maybe start with something small that isn’t a dream of yours, but that you can do with your limitations


So true @CoCo, I have really struggled with career planning / choices for the past year or two. I think being brutally honest with myself first before listing my limitations is the hardest part. After I get through that I’ll move on to making a short list.


I’m 42 and for the past 7-8 years I’ve worked in the marketing/ sales field. It’s ok not to have it all figured out, you might happen upon a job and make it a stable source of income.

im 32 and changing careers. dont worry about it. just pick something and go for it

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It’s good you’re able to be realistic and not cause yourself undue stress that could worsen your sz.


I am 30 and unable to work. I feel mentally disabled and my family treats me like a mentally disabled.

When I was 29 my career was smoking crack. I guess your one step ahead of me at that age.


I am from India and I am not on any disability funding (also in india it’s really tough to get the govt give funding for people with sz).

You are right in saying that I should focus on the perks as it can motivate me. I will take this advice and see what I can do.

I am thinking about going with my father daily wherever he goes… he has a business setup in Aluminium industry and he one of the directors of that company but I think me accompanying him everywhere won’t be a good thing I don’t know.

And starting small I can try that but in this corona period most of the places that can offer such positions are closed.

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So true. I hope working with your father works well for the time you need it.

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Maybe find out what is most in demand and which would be most interesting to you.

I’m 38 and still don’t have it together. I had a career once, but it got snatched up by sz. Will probably never have a career or a job as fun and rewarding as what I had.

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