I will not create a good design

unlesss i learn art fundamentals…

i also was thinking maybe try to make graffiti style characters and graffiti letters. but it requires as well art fundamentals like in any area of art. but it would be cool. and i need to study graphic design


its not easy its not easy

Art school will ruin you. Study artist’s works, classical works and graphic novels. Learning art techniques make a soulless artist. Outsider art is true creativity.

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How to study them?

I’m unsure what we’re talking about. I was just giving my opinion.

@anon48059102 your art style is amazing. I would hate to see you get so caught up in fundamentals that you lose the fun of your own style.

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I went to art school before. I reccomend you take some art classes and broaden your horizons.

Learn basics on YouTube
This is what I would do.

Similiar here, i want to write a good book and need to learn writing fundamentals, but the alternative is reading a lot and practice writing. Another problem i can’t just shake a story out of my sleeve, i need to meditate a lot to get inspired and stay off drugs and alcohol to think straight.

Inwant to make money. My art has nothing to make money

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