I want to collect art books

I want to sell my Nintendo Switch with games and buy books for 300 eur


Am. I crazy , I like 3d total publishing books one books is around 30 eur, but they are very good I have few


If you appreciate your books.

But if you buy it for the moment, then no.

Edit; actually if you have a large collection over a lifetime, that sounds cool.


I actually have a nice art book collection. And can you believe that I have actually read all of them? And it was pure pleasure!

I have a fantastic educational art video collection as well. I haven’t perused all of those as yet but I’m slowly working on it.

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I like art but some of it isn’t very good, apparently some people commissioned an art exhibit and it was a banana taped to a wall, that’s not art its just a banana taped to a wall, there is no skill involved in that.


I agree. 15151515


I want this book

Also books on anatomy and pose, on how to draw heroines, and how to put theory in practice, and one book how to sketch everyday- how to keep drawing journal

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