I want to be good StarCraft player

But I need to practice a lot. I am trying everyday to practice more and more. But it’s hard to prepare mentally for the game. You have to have a really good mind set to learn and practice. You not improve in a day or two. You have to be consistent.

I do what I can

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work would be far more beneficial like working as a game tester perhaps?

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No it’s not. I just want to play. Game testing is not fun. It’s as same as being basketball player and a coach. Very different jobs

Why people cannot understand that gaming now can be kept as a profession and taken seriously. Doesn’t matter where you invest your energy rewards will be the same

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I play a similar game competitively. Warcraft 3. Don’t get to hung up on dat, There’s always gonna be someone better than you, even if you are pro

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Im trying to understand dota 2. Its fun

I have had so much spare time since I dont work anymore, I have been playing Age Of Empires 2 everyday. I can beat anyone these days. RTS is definitely the best type of game, I feel like there is a lot of intelligence involved compared to other genres.

i played starcraft original and brood war when i was kid probably back in 2001/2002… i was ok i guess. they use to have clans you could join on there and people would help you to get better by playing with you and giving you tips from within your clan. its changed a lot since those days. and i use to stay up all night playing too then have to be groggy at school. i dont think they have the clan system anymore, so being apart of a group that will better you may be more difficult to find. i also use to play warcraft 3 reign of chaos which i think is going to be released soon as a remastered version, not sure on the release date yet altho it has been announced that it is going to be out sometime as its in the blizzard launcher for warcraft 3 remastered. i have friends that are more into diablo and could never get into the mmorpg genre of world of warcraft. i have played wow seriously before like 8 years ago when i played everyday but that was when i had a buddy do recruit-a-friend with me where we would get all kinds of RAF bonuses like 3x experience and stuff. so now when i try to play wow its a lot more difficult to get into without the RAF bonuses and it sucks playing it solo. i think most games are like that depending on the genre where it can be harder to play it alone.

Normally being at the top tier of a competitive game means you can do some kind of work. Try remote work!

I used to be top tier at FPS games, but now I can’t even bear to join a public server and hear the mic talk, I’d end up hallucinating, so I can’t play competitively, just for fun.


Just keep playing if that’s what you want.

Man. Even in these days people have a low opinion of gaming/gamers.

Doesn’t matter if you make money or not. But they think a little less of you if you have money …

Go figure.

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Like this it takes time and some conscious effort to improve.

And when we do we can impress even ourselves.

Just have to take time to learn the details and intricacies in depth to gain a new understanding.


Partially want to disagree that more consistent playing makes someone better; that I could contend is a myth born from misconception.

The idea that playing more can improve your abilities is only partially true.

There are things that top players do intuitively that cause them to win more consistently.

  • they can see opportunities
  • they don’t feel doubt about their abilities
  • most see losses or mistakes as room to improve something

There is more to it but playing more is not enough.

And you have to consider: there are people who play considerably less but play well. Because? They have fun with competition. When they feel that way it makes it easier to improve.

There is a lot about the subject that probably has been said already but you can’t imitate their mind set. They just do it and live it.

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