I want a kitten 🐱

I love kittens they are so cute!!!


A year and a half ago I got two kittens. They sure were cute and playful the first year. Now they are trying to get to the Christmas tree. :christmas_tree:


Mine used to do that. They even broke ornaments. :hushed:


If you can afford one and handle the responsibility why not! Plenty of kitties need homes. There’s always feral kittens that got dumped or something , and most outdoor kittens don’t survive.


I wish I could afford a fur baby

Dont let them drink the water if you have a live Christmas tree.

Pine is a laxative apparently…
I had a jet propelled 6 pound Persian cat who couldn’t outrun her own arse and made a godawful mess!

Everyone I tell that to thinks it’s hilarious…as the one who had to corral Shmookitty into the bathtub, listening to her do her best screaming newborn impression…not funny at all!

PS as to original topic, get two!

We went and looked at a cat we are interested in adopting this evening. He is VERY friendly.


Here is the cat we visited:

His name is Bandit and he’s a cuddle bug.



I noticed you said we are interested in adopting.

I really hope you get him!! :purple_heart:


I love cats too! I like how elegantly they walk lol

Are you new to this forum? If so, welcome!

She was grudging about it.

I hope you get to adopt a kitty @shutterbug

Bandit is lovely!

Everyone needs a cat in there life. Kittens are so cute and funny but you grow yourself with felines and they are curious creatures. They really have their own minds but can be very affectionate…sometimes. I appreciate cats. I really do and hope you get the chance to co-habit with one.


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