I want a hippopotamus for christmas

This song has been stuck in my head all morning :smile: I don’t even remember the last time I heard it.

I want a hippopotamus for christamasss , only a hippopotamus will do, no crocodiles no rhinoceroses only hippopatamuses la la la la
and on it goes…


(!!!)…<.><.><.>…Hungry Hungry Hippo’s…<.><.><.>…(!!!)

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That is a good game!

I Never Got to Play it… . … :pensive: :expressionless: :pensive:

This was my dad’s favorite Christmas song, and he would play it on a loop! My mom couldn’t stand it, but all us kids loved it, and would sing along every time.


Haha it’s very catchy :smile:

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Haha! I know that song. It’s an earworm for sure.

I had the melody to an old Air Supply song stuck in my head yesterday, but I couldn’t remember much of the lyrics.

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Such Hungry Hippo’s.

I Never Got to See The Devour. The Hunger.



Haha just gotta roll with it :partying_face:


Too late, I already got you a turtle.

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You’ve never seen a hippo until you’ve seen a hippo devour marbles.

The divinity
So magic
So the impress

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A Hippo Once Laughed at Me And Said Something About Me Losing My Marbles

I’m Still Confused

We could get rich Nick.

I see it now

Hungry Happy Turtles

Our slogan: Be happy, Stay Hungry. Be a Turtle.

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Well at least he laughed. I bet it was a belly laugh.

(1997) .(!!!)…<.><.><.>… JUS LIKE SANTA …<.><.><.>…(!!!). (1997)

Because Santa is Gracious & Kind & Neat & Funny & Pleasant

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Yes hippos do mean well.

Sometimes, I Mean, They Lay Around in Ponds All Day And Laugh Like Santa But!,

They Point at Me And Say I’M CRAZY

well you did lose your marbles. and hippos never lose marbles

I Think They Took My Marbles Away!.

It’s Not Fair.

Hungry Hungry Hippo’s