I walked about 15 minutes

Well, as you all know, i got the COPD diagnosis last week. I’ve also been talking on here how i was walking sometimes 10 miles a day trying to get fit…
Well, it’s all gone with this COPD exacerbation…
I went for a slow walk just to check myself, 15 minutes around the apartment complex and it was pitiful. I walked really slow but it felt like I’d just ran a marathon. My lungs felt like I’d just smoked 2 packs of cigarettes.
My stamina is gone, my muscle tone is gone. I think I’m going to need respiratory therapy to help me get better. I’ll find out Wednesday.
I’m just so sad that all the work i put in this Spring has disappeared so quickly and i feel defeated. And it may never come back. Boy, sometimes things just don’t seem to be going the right way!
I hope the rest of you have a better day!


I’m sorry your having such a difficult time @WhiteRaven

Things can get better though

Praying for you.
Feel better soon

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I feel for you, I hope I don’t go back to cigarettes and I learn from this bc it’s clearly a hurtful turn of events

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I’m sorry. That sounds awful.

I hope your condition improves. What inhalers are you using?

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Hopefully the doc’s will put you on a good therapeutic inhaler and you’ll be able to go 10miles again.

I’m on Breztri and albuterol. Yesterday was my last dose of prednisone and antibiotics.


I hope it helps you @WhiteRaven

oh man, I am so sorry…I worry about getting COPD too…years of smoking…quit finally but still worried…so sad. I hope you get the help you need.