I think they realized Don Juan is a cat

They still don’t like him. But at least he’s a cat! IMG_2467


Is it ur sister home…!!!

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Yeah it is in her bathroom lol.

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Cuuuuute :slight_smile:

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Two cat and a dog .!!!

No three cats!!!

Oh …i thought the turning back one is a dog … what did they eat…!!!

Don Juan steals all the food from the other cats. The little one eats everything!!! They get cans of wet food and scoops of dry food. Don Juan steals everything.

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I like Don juan too …he looks cute too…hahaha j good morning…

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Are u having a coffee jon…!!

I’ve already had 2 cups.

I have blue eyes and dark hair!!!

I look crazy!!!

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Oh man u looks scared …what happen to u ??? White boy. .??

I’m just concentrating deeply on what I’m reading!!!


they look like you’ve caught them discussing plans for total world domination lol and that little one’s face is like, "you didn’t hear any of that, okay, human?"
This picture brightened up my day haha!


Don Juan looks so tiny compared to the two adult cats. :joy_cat:

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Poor little Don Juan!
So cute!

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They’re finally acting like three cats together. No more hissing. Just chasing and playing with each other. Geno has actually gone after Don Juan in a playful manner. Gatsby usually waits for Don Juan to go after him. Geno is 3 1/2 and Gatsby is about 5 1/2. Don Juan is about 3 months old now as of yesterday actually!!

But yeah they’ve really come a long way. They steal each others food but it is very funny seeing them interact as 3 cats happily playing together. I am happy Geno gets along with him because he really really hates the dog. And I thought for a moment he hated Don Juan more than the dog even! But nah they’re getting along now

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I have 7-8 cats. adorable

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