I think my phone has schizophrenia

man it has issues , not unlocking , freaking out when talking with google, and blocking text and not pictures. and so on.



I Got Here As Fast I Could!. Okay, The Problem Is Your Phone. And It May Have Schizophrenia.

Indeed. And Woe Is Me. Well…, Not Me Specifically. For I Am Not A Phone.

I Am A Human Being. A Smart One. Maybe Perhaps The Most Intelligent Creature To Walk On The Face Of The Earth. Wait!. The Face Of The Earth. The Man In The Moon.

Do You Think There Is A Connection. We Might Need To Call The President To See If We Can Organize An Escape Route. Jus In Case The Phone Decides To Ring Endlessly And Really Get On Everyone’s Nerve Intensely.

Does Your Phone Talk To Voices That It Cannot See?.

Thus Is Eyeopening. Awakening. Profound. Strange…, Yet, Mystical.

Make Sure The Public Never Finds Out. People Will Begin To Worship It.

And Then!, What If All Of The Connection Towers Send Signals That The End of The Human Race Has Begun?.

As Each Phone Grows Arms And Legs And Start Ringing Loud Noises Endlessly.

Throw It Away!.

NOW (!!!).

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