I think I might change psychiatrists

I am not happy with the services at my current community clinic and after reading the other thread, it seems I am not alone. I have been looking at ones in my area and so far this one just a few miles away seems to offer a lot that I am interested in. They do blood tests for vitamins & minerals, and everything else like my current doctor. They also offer neruofeedback and other treatments that I think are appropriate for me. They have a focus on psychosis and related disorders.


That sounds like it could be a really good and helpful switch.

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Thank you


If you are unhappy with the care you are receiving, definitely give the other place a try. I hope it works out for you.

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You can’t change them, they will always be jerks.

Thats not true @77nick77 not all of them are bad. Its hard to find good ones but they do exist!!

So heck yeah you go @anon1571434 I hope the new doc works for you!!

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I just think @77nick77 is feeling down right now. He probably doesn’t mean what he’s saying.

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