I think I have schizoaffective disorder

I think I have schizoaffective disorder.
My psychiatrist maybe will give me a mood stabilizer in my next appointment saying it’s to increase my antipsychotic effect, but is only this the only motive? I wonder.

I think my mood is changing a lot lately, I have often changed opinions on many things, and remain in a kind of emotional or sentimental confusion. In addition to cognitive impairment.

Do you have schizoaffective disorder?
Is it common to have these types of symptoms?

Look this picture of a test that I did today:

What do you guys think about it?

Is these the common symptoms of SZA?

Someone could help me about this question?

maybe, maybe not. like the test says its not meant for a formal diagnosis. but if you are sza, its okay. just means you exhibit mood disorder on top of a psychotic disorder. next time you go to the psychiatrist ask them what is your formal diagnosis. I wasn’t given a mood stabilizer till I started going to the doctor i’m seeing now. before none of the doctors cared about my mood problems they thought I was just moody I guess I don’t know

@cbbrown ,

Thank you for your help.

I’ll ask my pdoc about my diagnosis and if she will really prescribe me a mood stabilizer.
I’ll tell to my pdoc about my current mood changes.

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Might help to keep a mood journal and hand that into your pdoc to get a more informed objective viewing. You can download them off the net for free are also a few free apps around.

Mood are normal. Depression is also part of normal processes in some people grief for example. You can also have other symptoms other then what you are diagnosed with. So things like depression and mania are some what common symptoms in some people diagnosed with schizophrenia.

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How could you explain that?

I took a tablet of a natural medicine to stop my anxiety and to sleep. Then my anxiety almost stopped and the sleep ended and my mood started, suddenly to a happy mood with a unmotivated smile and I became a bit unhappy and happy at the same time, with some depressive mood with some happy mood. How do you explain that? And the voices almost ended. Is it a maniac episode of a probably schizoaffective disorder?

I took my Ziprasidone pill after that and seems to me that nothing have changed and I’m not hearing almost any voices.