I think I belong in jail…

Don’t give up on yourself. I’ve had anger. And bad thoughts. And times I should have kept my mouth shut. I’m still a bit too temperamental to my liking, but I’ve become a lot more calm. The biggest chunk of anger is gone. I’m dealing with the causes.

You don’t believe you can change. We do. Or we wouldnt all be answering you.

I really hope you can have a good conversation with your nurse. If you show her what you struggle with and that you wish for therapy…I am sure she will help you. Do you want to tell us how it went?

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Seems like it, I`m not the referee dough.

In her country they don’t allow her to go to school because she’s unstable. She also doesn’t live with her parents. She’s in a group home. So I believe getting support is very difficult for her and we need to keep that in mind.

@Crystal-Cotton , it is essential that you speak up for yourself because you’re the only one who can right now. Be insistent that you need therapy. Tell them about your thoughts and urges and how you want to work them out and learn how to manage to lessen them and get healthier.

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Sorry @Crystal-Cotton, if I came across as thinking it was easy for you to get support. I’m not always good at expressing myself. That you didn’t get therapy yet, is not your fault. At all. I know by experience that getting the right support can be terribly difficult. I was just sitting here hoping very hard that you get good help. That someone stands by you. And that you don’t lose hope.

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I have similar thoughts. Only i feel like i deserve to be dead.

Ok. I will talk to my nurse on Monday


Posts with more than 20 replies should be a crime. That’s a lot of reading.

Sorry bro. I just need help

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I have been to one of those places when I was 17/18 twice, and I can assure you this is not what you want or need

Those places are not good for recovery

What do I need then?

Well for a start I wouldn’t go for the nuclear option before trying other things…

Hmm that’s true
I’ve tried clozapine and abilify and it doesn’t help much