I swear this is the funniest shit youve seen in a month!

Yes it is fake, its The Onion, fake world news


that is pretty funnny

That’s hilarious. Thanks for posting. :smiley:

“Of course we can’t just have one voice, it has to be more than one voice, so that way they know its a team effort.”

“…which statues don’t love them anymore…”

You were right, funniest ■■■■ I’ve seen in at least a month.

Dude… No hard feelings, funniest ■■■■ i have heard all year.

The video left out, having a direct intercom to our local churches to reassure us that god is always talking directly to us 24/7.


oh dear lord XD lovely

That was fantasticly hilarious. Funniest thing I’ve heard in a month by far.

LOL !!! the Onion is hilarious…

I’ve seen a few people think the Onion news is real though…

This man must have watched it!