Do you think this is offensive?


I think that it’s funny, i can’t help it.

I know it’s not funny at all though and it’s just cruel, i still laugh though when i see it.

It’s really not funny at all.


Are you sure this isn’t a comedy routine?


that was really funny…but now i am paranoid !?!
take care


I think its funny maybe because i can understand what they are saying from previous experience but i wouldnt be suprised if those actors were beatin up by who they were making light of


Your replies have shed light on my present condition.

Im a jerk, it’s not funny at all but i still laugh.


That has to be a comedy skit. Lol I like that part about the speakers in the ears. Yes, just what we need, more voices. Haha.


OK, I saw it twice. It’s offensive. I feel if I laugh that it undermines my self-dignity, self-esteem, and self-respect. But it’s hilarious!!! My FIRST impression was these guys were for real, and I marveled at their self-unawareness and their ignorance to be saying such stupid things about schizophrenia. But then I got it and could see the humor in it. But I’m officially offended.


Great to hear you like it.

the video is from The Onion - which, as you may know - is a pretty funny comedy web site that sort of pretends its covering “news”.


Offensive? No.
Hilarious? Yes.


In reality it isn’t funny at all.

We’re just jerks.


Speak for yourself.


It’s only funny in our minds.

But when we are the ones wandering the streets thinking and doing these things it’s not so funny.

It’s a childish perception to think that such serious and horrible things can be funny at all.


It’s not a child’s perception to find humor in “serious and horrible” things, it’s a survivalist’s.


I thought it was full of intelligent type humor - kind of makes fun of the masses with their stereotyped thinking


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:laughing: 24 characters.


To me it satirizes the government and media’s knee-jerk band-aid approach to “solving problems” by making the situation worse than it already is. (I think it’s funny… LOL.


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I think it’s weird. I know they can’t be serious.


@mortimermouse posted this a number of months ago. I still think it is hilarious. :smiley: