I survived my trip, I'm alive

However I’m very sleepy from all the Ativan. I only remember the first few minutes of the trip there because an oncoming big rig looked like it was going to tip over on us so I just closed my eyes and kept my mouth shut. And let the Ativan do it’s job.

On the way back she wanted to stop so she could smoke, fine by me, I got out too and vaped. When we got back on the highway she got stuck behind slow farming equipment and she started to speed up to pass and I closed my eyes and kept them shut all the way till I noticed she slowed down and started making turns. That meant we were at my house.


Well done on coping with it !


Thank you @everhopeful

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I used to have anxiety about when other people were driving and I was a passenger after I got in a major accident while in the passenger seat when I was 19 or 20. Some of that anxiety has faded.

Glad you got through it leafy.


I don’t like being a passenger either, I’ve been in an accident too when someone else was driving (Not our fault) and I’ve been the passenger with some fast and reckless drivers.


good job @Leaf !


Oh you went! Well done Leafy Lady


Good news. Welcome back.

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