I survive first day at work

I have been out of job for 2 months. It happens to be I feel much more difficult to work in a job in the recent months. I feel quite strained. But there’s not an option to stay out of job.

It is great that I can manage the job today. It’s not busy. The work tasks are not too difficult. I will sleep early tonight and get back to the office tomorrow.


Hey, Good for you!

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That’s great!! Congrats!

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Congratulations @goggles !

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I don’t work, I just survive.
And I’m happy.


That’s awesome.

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Now that I have got a job, I want to make use of my leisure time better. I have been picking up books again and finished reading one. I made myself went for a 30 minutes walk tonight. I also started doing some breathing exercise. It’s getting better. I would also want to add house keeping to my daily routine. All of the above are nice activities. I’m feeling hopeful.


Thats awesome news my friend :blush:

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Congratulation,hopefully more good days for ya

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