I still have paranoia

They r increasing my meds. :frowning:

Hopefully you find a dose that helps.


Yeah I hope that too

I hope your meds get straightened out soon


I was stupid enough to stop the meds so now I may need a higher dose :confused:

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Never stop your meds.
This is my experience’s wisdom


You’re right
Hope your situation is ok

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I’m glad you realize stopping your meds is a bad idea

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You know if Abilify Maintena can be taken once every 2 weeks?

I don’t know, but your dr will know

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There’s a Finnish song: Hei hei mutsi, män oo syönny mun lääkkeitä… by Pariisin Kevät.
Anyway, I used to also try to be without the meds many times, til I understood that I need them.
All the best to you @Crystal-Cotton !

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They were once considering that bc once every 3 weeks wasn’t enough but then they put me on clozapine

Is the clozapine what they’re currently increasing?

Yeah. Idk what their target dose is but I’m on 275 currently

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Well, I hope they find the dose that helps you

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Someone online claims that I have nothing wrong with me
Is that true

Your dr knows. Ask him.

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Someone online is not an expert.

Their opinion is that I’m delusional and psychotic

Ye i know :confused: these type of people make me wanna go off meds