I still feel so bad

The crisis goes on…despite increased olanzapine to 7,5mg
Feel like killing myself
Jumbled up and changed my hand writing and writing nonsense
Can’t sleep well
Depression and mixed hypomania
What the hell is going on with me?
Just wanna die and escape the pain … alien too.
I can’t even concentrate on a book anymore
What is the use of living. …


I think I should increase my amisulpride rather to 400mg
And go back to 5mg olanzapine

That’s what the hospital did last time

400mg is the theraputic dose. So sounds like a sensible plan.

I take 60mg olanzapine plus two other aps and still in crisis

I could feel your pain. Please hang in there and things will get better after one year or two. But I think an increase of dose in Olanzapine is better than in Amisulpride in terms of side effects. This is my experience as I have tried both Olanzapine and Amisulpride. But everybody is different, maybe my experience doesn’t suit you. I took 200mg Amisulpride which made me hard to concentrate. But with olanzapine 10mg I could cope well. You should try it for at least 3-6 months and see how things are going. Anyway, you take care and think about it… Fingers crossed for your med adjudtment.

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@Om_Sadasiva it sounds like olanzapine isn’t working for you. 60mg??? Isn’t the maximum dose 20? Hope things work out for you!

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I read some articles online that suggest 60mg zyprexa for treatment resistant patients

Did your pdoc put you on 60mg?

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