I started getting interested and promoting chess-like abstract strategy games

I am good at chess, and I will improve further, but I am also interested in other, more complex abstract strategy games similar to chess, like Go, Shogi and Xiangqi.
These are popular alternatives to chess,that are more complex than chess, that I plan to study purchasing appropriate books.

I am also trying to promote very obscure variants of chess,that are more complex than chess, of which there are no books at all and that hardly elicit any interest among the global population.
For example: Capablanca Chess, Hexagonal Chess.


I think @MHS wanted to have a game with you.

Look up “Chess 4”. I think that is what it it’s called. You start with 4 players on the same board. :rabbit::rabbit::rabbit:

You can also play chess 960, aka Fisher Random chess.

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