I shouldn’t went volunteering

Now I slided away from playing a lot of video games. My plan is disastrous

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Video games isn’t everything.
Volunteering is good, it gets you out amongst people and hopefully gives you a better feeling of self-worth.

You can always play video games in your spare time. Don’t give up because you meet a bump in the road


Video games is my future how can you talk like that. :rage:

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How exactly are video games your future?

That seems very unrealistic.


You shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.
Video games might be your future, but you need to balance it

It’s not for you to understand

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You made the post, man.

You’re thirty years old,

Maybe you should start looking into other things.


Quack quack …

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Do not overestimate the power of video games

Why do you make these posts if you’re going to be combative?

And I don’t over-estimate the power of video games because I don’t think they’ll get you anywhere.

They’re meant for entertainment,

And for a very few, careers.

Did you mean under-estimate?

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@crazy_dancer_arcade_pro is a very talented. I’m sure he can do what he puts his mind to. Volunteering is a million times more productive than stuff I do. Hats off to you.

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Sorry I was so emo. I’m just saying bye to people here. I’m ok medwise. This morning I got To go to the hospital guess my heart wasn’t too happy with me. My potassium was really low. Coming off saphris, I had gastrointestinal issues and guess it really did make me ill. Lots of stuff is going on, but all I care about is my heart. Since hubby isn’t here, my niece from my ex is coming to stay with me.


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i just played GT sport and COD advanced for half an hour and my head is completely fragged :frowning: i enjoyed it but i concentrate so much esp cod bc you got to survive :frowning: i either shot my own men, got lost or was killed, so fried lol

Even though your social life may not improve in the long run (since your not getting paid much or at all) the better memories you’ll have when you are older was when you were contributing to society (unless of course you can make a living gaming).

its unhealty to play for too long dude. Thats why all gamers have dark circles under their eyes, and a lot of professional gamers i clearly have poor mental health. Humans are meant to be active and moving not attached to a computer for endless hours. i feel your pain i used to produce music for days at a time and it affected my health greatly. Now im more active.

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hey dude the thing is you can still be a game developer without playing all the time. You can read books about programming, you can take apart gaming controllers and see how they work, you can, just join a gym so that you have some level of activity, you can have other hobbies, you can listen to tech podcasts while walking to learn more about it, you can learn to build computers. All that brother! Never give up on your dreams! Choose ones that make you happy and healthy

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Glad your niece is staying with you. Probably not good to be alone if you’re having heart issues. Take care of yourself @anon98519533.

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