I sent my dad a karaoke song 2 years ago

Whipping post by the allman brothers…he put it on tonight he still had it saved and I was like “TURN IT OFF turn it off!!!” Then he was like "no I love this song…and it played…and my sister complimented me on my voice. It was cool to be appreciated for artistic talents. I sung in the lowest voice possibly I could sing in and even I admit it wasn’t bad. Maybe I’ll get my dad to send it to me and upload it to soundcloud


Here it is

Starts off ok but gets better quickly I think

Just listened to it. It’s brilliant! It reminds me of Leonard Cohen.

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listening right now, the clarity is great, coming in loud and clear,

love how matter of fact you are in this song, like it’s a done deal,

very good.

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Thank you @daze. Thank you @everhopeful

The lyrics resonate with me a lot sometimes, especially in the past