I saw a new psychiatrist this morning

I moved to a town last year from the city. I had to say goodbye to my pdoc of the past 7 years who is now a 1400 kilometers away from me.

There is only one psychiatrist where I am staying now so I was actually quite nervous to meet him. But what a nice guy he turned out to be.

I took along to the appointment a list of all my meds, my diagnoses and my meds history. The dr was very impressed that I came so well prepared.

We talked for almost an hour. He did not change my meds since he said it seems to be a recipe that is working for me.

He said that apart from my paranoid sz there seem to be a bipolar factor if he looks at my meds regimen since I am on an AP and mood stabaliser.

I am very much relieved that everything went so well. He said if nothing goes wrong I can see him again in six months.


Really Happy for you @Kilimanjaro.
Finding a good psychiatrist is important.
Best of luck to you! :slight_smile:


Yay, that’s great! It can be tough to find the right doctor; that’s fantastic that the only psychiatrist in your town is a good one. I’m happy for you. :slight_smile: