I really wish they'd leave me alone

I know I may annoying about this. I just heard my neighbors say what are we going to do with her. Should I worry? My bf thinks it’s not going to happen. How do you say that to a schizophrenic?

Idk anymore. 1515

Even if you heard them correctly, how do you know they were talking about you?

They listen to me and curse at me. I’m scared to go outside.

Have to watch over my shoulders.

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I know I’m nitpicking but I’m going through tough sza times. What would you do if you were in my shoes?

You know you are schizophrenic.
So it’s all in your mind.

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I started ignoring them and not acting crazy or worrying about them, sometimes i call them out on their fallacies.

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I’ve been in your shoes. It’s best to just ignore them. I wouldnt say anything to them or start arguments. I mean you know you are schizophrenic so you have some insight there. Maybe write a journal about what you are experiencing and read it back to your self to see if it makes any sence. Have you been sleeping badly recently. I mean you may have heard them saying things but it probably wasnt about you. Or you misheard them saying things that somehow relate to what is going on in your life. That was what it was for me.

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I think it was paranoia. Monte said it best on here. Just ignore them.

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