I really want to let go of my voices

i keep going back to them, i dont even know if they are real anymore i used to believe they were spirits from heaven and living with believing that i realize it stupid. Its not reality, i have to stop thinking of them as spirits and just an illness or what ever it is, but i dont have to believe they are spirits. I will choose not to. I might have to hear them but i dont have to even acknowledge they are really what i thought they were…

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I also believe they’re spirits,
deities, angels, demons etc

Your voices are kind to you?

Hello i live with these voices in my head as well, it claims to be the voice of god yet cant even communicate properly. Im also tormented by demons that come and go and threaten to take over my mind.

na my voices are mean they always want the worst for me, but for some reason i try to be nice to them

You don’t need to rule that out to live at peace with them, if you’re not delusional. That’s a big if in our community though. That being said… if you’re hearing negative stuff or commands then yes you should view that immediately as dream nonsense, any other path is going to not end well.

My voices are nice and I let them speak sometimes, when I’m bored. Any time it goes south I tune them out. Surprisingly 95% of it is positive. I just coexist with them. The key though is I no longer am trapped in a world made up from what the voices tell me… I exist in the real world, and deal with the voices privately in my own time, on my own schedule.

7.5mg Zyprexa allows me to do this. It’s sort of a compromise.

Does that help?

I’ve found that sometimes it helps to call them out on their behavior. They temporarily ease up, then.

Also, in your interactions with people, generally, do you tend to be nice to people that have been nasty to you?

i think im usually a nice person i guess

But, when other people mistreat you, do you forgive them too easily?

i always forgive people, i dont hold grudges like some people do, its not worth it

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You don’t have to forgive them or hold grudges.

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