I really hate some peoples laughter,

I really hate some peoples laughter,its stem from my jealousy and hatred,:(,I think I am a gone case

Nah…some people just have very annoying laughters

It can be galling that other people laugh while I might feel miserable.

Not necessary, Mobc1990. Calm down and accept who you are. I am not happy either, but being angry or upset is not the right path.

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I don’t like them laughing at me. Maybe we need to lighten up.

It seems to me that you might be a bit of a perfectionist like me. The truth is NO ONE is perfect - we all have our imperfections. But if you are feeling a lot of jealousy and hate, you might benefit from talking to a professional, like a therapist. Best of luck to you @Mobc1990

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I think if it stemmed from jealousy and hatred then you would hate everyone’s laughter…

There is no rule that says that we have to like the sound of something. My daughter used to have a friend who’s voice seriously made me cringe, including his laughter. I could hear from a block away… It was annoying.

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I agree with the majority here. Some peoples laughs are just plain annoying.

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Sometimes I decide I don’t like someone because their laugh sounds cruel.


In the same vein, I don’t like people who laugh at everything and expect you to do the same.


when a group laugh and your alone a hardwired drive signals DANGER.

Indeed cruelty laughter is very bad,the worst thing that had happened to me these few years,it’s like showing you how to laugh when you cannot laugh,it’s very psychopathic

You can look at it in another way, that is, you can be happy for them that they found something good they can laugh at.
If you smile when you hear someone laughing, it’s almost as if you both shared something good, (well, you did really).