I realize now

that my pdoc did for me his best and that was a favor for me to get me well. it was not until recently that I realized this. I had thought he had neglected my case.

he really helped me quite a bit. I hope I remember this and appreciate him. he really is a great doc.



I went through periods of feeling like I was just another number at the deli counter when it came to my doc. But the thing that made me stay with him was, he had to cancel an appointment due to being really sick with something and when he got back he set down my file and he had read EVERYTHING I wrote him and he just didn’t have a chance to go through it all. I used to present him with books and books of inner thoughts.

That was when we worked out the idea of sorting what is really important to what can wait.

i know what you mean by just another number at the deli counter…

when i realize that he kept me out of trouble despite being so very very ill i realize what and how much he had done for me. Tons!! with all that going on in my mind who knows what i could have done or would have done and where i would have wound up with without him.

thanks god for him.


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I’ve been with my psychiatrist for 5 years now. I feel very blessed that he’s taken GREAT care of me.

The most recent helpful thing that he did for me was help me through my disability benefits review. I was totally overwhelmed by it, and was having severe panic attacks. But he stepped up and took over the process of proving my disability to Social Security. And he adjusted my meds to help me cope with all the stress of the situation.

I really credit him for saving my life. Without his help, I would’ve lost my benefits and ended up in the hospital.

Thank God for good doctors!



My doc kept seeing me when I was concompliant. I would come in, we didnt even talk about meds, he just asked me about my self medication and level of symptoms. I am surprised he did that, but i suspect he thought i would finally get sick of my symptoms and accept treatment. I had the idea that antipsychotics would make me physically weak, tired, and zombie-like. I luckily still lift weights (my biggest hobby) and with some coffee I am with it enough to make grades. I made all A’s this semester! 3.96 GPA!


Having a great psychiatrist is super important! I’m a little upset that mine of ~6 years is retiring soon. He would not only prescribe meds, but would talk to me for 1 hour at each (every other week) session.

Good for you for making all A’s this semester. Wow a 3.96 GPA! That’s impressive. I only graduated from community college with a 3.79 GPA.

i saw a shrink about two weeks ago because of going on to disability support, i have to get diagnosed again , yeah ! . she was very well dressed but in a doris day sort of way, like 1950’s sort of thing.
she had a cute looking tattoo of an elephant on her foot ! really colourful !
unfortunately that did not make up for her personality, which was for some reason very defensive.
take care

I don’t like my pdoc, he caused more harm than good, he is only good at prescribing me medication thats all, he gave me high dose of medication and ignored my blood test results, the high doze ruined my body balance, thanks to my research i hardly convinced him to lower the dose, now i feel much better with low doze.

I’m doing pretty well too. I still have issues with how people perceive me, and if they think I don’t try enough to do my best. I want to succeed and it’s getting really hard for me due to depression. I just started Strattera and while it’s helping the depression it’s making me more symptomatic at 25 mgs. I’m upset. I hate myself sometimes.

to beautiful StarryNight,
hope the new year brings only good things for you.
take care

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