Generalized anxiety disorder

I have been constantly worrying about my health conditions, work, and small things in life since i got insight of my psychosis.

My pdoc has prescribed me with anti-anxiety medicine. I also started seeing a social worker for cognitive-behavioral therapy a few weeks ago.

Anyone got similar treatments? Are they able to help?

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Recovery takes time I sure you will come good, hope you can find a way to get by meditation works well or listen to some classical music it helps me.

I’m assuming you are talking about a benzodiazepine? Yes it will help but I’d use it sparingly for me it causes rebound anxiety. My pdoc prescribed me gabapentin at first I noticed a difference but now no effects at all. My pdoc has talked about switching it to Lyrica so I may end up trying that.

My pdoc has precribed me with pinezapam and zoloft. He said it is not good to take pinezapam for long-term.

I sometimes use mindfulness to calm myself down. Focusing my breathing and accepting my anxious thoughts help a bit.

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