I quit my job

I quited my job . Will need to work two more weeks and I am finish


oh spooky why u did quit?

hope u find another …


Yes I quit becouse I hate it will look for another


Why didn’t you look for another job and then quit your job?

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Good luck on the job hunting, Spook.

Good luck with getting a new job you actually like!!
@crazy_dancer_arcade_pro, did you change your screen name? Are you the old spooky?

Have you started looking for something new? What are you eager to try?

Blink blink :smile::crazy_face::scream_cat:

Į want to sell video games

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Spooky, how old are you?

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I am 30 why ? Where is your avatar ?

I thought you were in your 20’s

Cool! Do you know where? Have you put in applications?

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