I never trust anything

When it comes to meds or anything in life i never trust that they going to work, cause maybe they dont always. I feel like people dont know what they talking about in life, its all just made up ■■■■■■■■ and they trying to get the upper hand over me by any means possible, wherever it may be in life, this forum and all the places i go.

Do you feel that everyone is trying to to get the upper hand constantly on you

no I don’t worry about that even if its true. I just do me and its better for that.

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I love you @anon20318121 !

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Yes. Absolutely. I feel I can’t walk down the street without people screwing with me. I try to think positive but when you add up the past BS you feel that the potential positives won’t outweigh the BS of anything to come. Too crappy to think about really.

It doesn’t bother me. I do well on my meds and I’m pretty stable most of the time. It’s a different world and I don’t blame you for feeling like that but it’s not a bad thing to keep yourself open to friendship, love and other disasters. People aren’t all bad…yeah there’s a lot who are selfish and such but it’s a broad canvas.

Dont’ shut yourself out of life!

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