I never learn

I thought I was going to be ok without meds. I mean 5.5 years psychosis free. instead I deal worse with stress and heading down the road of depression. The pdoc still has not informed my GP of the med change and she gave me a prescription of my usual dose. I might just take it. I give upp

It’s ok u gave it a shot. Sounds like you did learn


Its so difficult to learn. I know I’ve fallen over hundreds of times. The fact I’m still here means I must be learning something, and the same goes for you. I really hope you can get back on track. I have faith that you can do it.


I often think about it, my pdoc told me a five year “let’s see if you can come off them” but honestly I think that I’m not going to do that, the risk of psychosis is one I don’t want.


**Dear @Ish
Its not giving up-its just taking care of yourself. OO **

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