I need to immigrate

all the time, I have thoughts that I need to immigrate.
These thoughts are stronger than me.
I am not free, I am a slave.
I have to move away .
I will only move though, if I’m functinal and able to move on my own.

I suffer from intrusive thoughts!
The thoughts about immigration are intrusive thoughts!
I’m not functional that I can immigrate and handle things on my own.

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Erez one step at moment…if u can increase ur zyprexa to 15 mg …then see what happens …

I hate these intrusive thoughts!

I am stronger than these intrusive thoughts.
I am going to stay in Israel no matter what.


Yes i strongly support u …stay in isreal its good for u …i love my country very much…i will stay here forever …

That’s the way I feel about me moving into public housing. It’s possible to live in a nice apartment with every creature comfort met and be going out of your head with emotional turmoil. You need some kind of support system.