I miss the psych ward

I miss the early days I was there. Before I became really psychotic. Any one else miss it?


No. They made me do activities and watch Ted talk videos on mental illness from 7:00am till 8:00pm. I was exhausted when I left the psych ward.


No. I hate those places. I’d go hide in the woods before ever getting locked up again.

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@#$% no. Horrible, boring place. Needed to be there, but didn’t want to be there.


Yeah, I miss it like I miss my leg being broken.

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I didn’t mind it. Just didn’t like being on a locked ward. Paced a lot like I still do.

I actually had fun my first go round. Stayed four a month.

My second go round, I was suicidal and did not want to do anything and was crying and hugging the nurses for my life.

I never want to go through that again.


The ward I spent 12 days on from new years to mid-January taught me that I am incapable of even getting on with others who have mental health problems

Socialising for me is very difficult, and even people from a similar position as me I could not even get on with properly

In fact it became so hellish, had to leave before I was even up to my full dose of Clozapine

I am just an empty shell


Um, well, ya don’t go to a psych ward expecting to meet healthy people.

Or an AA meeting.

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I meant more from my perspective

Pretty much overshared a lot

The other patients didn’t like me

Avoided being sectioned, so I could go out of the ward anytime I wanted, which pissed off the other patients.

Lucky I got out of there

In terms of meeting people, this is the first time in a long while where I have been living with others, and it was very traumatic experience


I made new friends in the psych ward, but once u get out of psychosis u kinda start to get annoyed because of other patients.
Joker i got a question, do u think your new job contributed to your relapse?

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Not necessarily - but it was partly

I switched to Cariprazine before I started the job, which was a gamble.

It was not as effective as I’d hoped it would be

By time I got to hospital I had been on it for nearly 4 months…

Several things happened. I was stressed because of the job requiring me to learn a lot of new things, my step-sister disowned my step father, which was out of order - then on top of that my nan was in hospital and died on the 23rd December

My medication helped somewhat I believe, but it was not able to prevent the car from crashing


I’d rather box Tyson furry then go back to a psych ward. I’d rather give a blumpkin to Andre the giant then go back to the psych ward. I’d rather vote for trump then go back to the psych ward.

I hated every single day on the psych ward. But I would go again if necessary.

I get that. I had trouble handling a lineup at the dollar store today. Living with strangers? Nope.

Damn thats heavy, i think all that would drive a regular person insane

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I do not miss anything about the psych ward, period. It is my hope that i never have to go back.

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I learned that you shouldn’t fall in love with being in a psych ward no matter how many pretty girls and women are there, lol!


This is way too accurate lol so many


Hell no!

I was abused by the staff!

Never again if I can help it!