Can any of you relate?

I feel Every time I end up in psych ward just before I end up in there im bat sh1t crazy. But while im in there until I get released I get worse and worse so I end up there at least 3 times a year. I hate that place ii always tell myself I’ll end up in a body bag before I end up back in there. I hate psych ward

What is the place you go like?

Do they mistreat you?

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I like the hospital life, I miss a bit my computers but as long as I’m free to walk back and forth I feel at home… :slight_smile:

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My be delusions get worse in the ward. They don’t try to Help you get over paranoia ect. They feed it.

Do you hear voices?

Describes all my 10 hospitalizations.


I get better in psych wards. I’m just more bored.

I can’t relate. I like meeting others there n being cared for. N just having a break from too much thought. I just don’t like the food n the way we are kind of locked up

One time I was in the psych ward and I was getting more paranoid the longer I was in there so, they let me go home.

They only talk to u when they give u meds. Time stands still up there. No electronics

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I liked the hospital after I figured out what the place was (at first I thought it was a government containment facility because I believed I had special deadly powers and had to be kept under close surveillance; somehow, I still ended the world lmao). I liked socializing with people who were in as bad a place as me, and I actually liked the food!

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Oh gawd. That exactly what I thought too.


it’s different for everybody and i suppose if it’s an immediate emergency it might be the best choice but from my personal experiences i prefer to talk to a psychiatrist or therapist i’m accustomed to, or group therapy. i had inconsistent diagnosis’s from my hospital stays and would see different docs each time and there was a lot of waiting around, wasted time imo. i felt like i got a big bill for coloring and a new diagnosis.

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