I miss my dreanworld

When I lived alone, I know I dreamt a lot. Now I’ve been with others for many years, the arguing, the upsets, the children interrupting, the disorganization. I know, that’s just the negatives. I’ve learned a lot about reality but it’s leaving me cold a lot.

I’m sorry you are down chordy. I wish I could buy you flowers.



Sometimes, we all need a little downtime!

Someone told me once - Reality is boring. But the dream world isn’t real.

I think the trick is to try and make your reality and your dream world one in the same.


I started daydreaming in order to be able to ignore the abuse. Now I avoid it, and try to focus on the real world. So many wonderful little things to see here, when you pay attention.

Like the delicate way my son eats a pretzel.
The way the cat moves its ears when you touch them in its sleep.
The way the dog was kicked by a horrible neighbour then came to greet me like nothing had happened.
The way my husband can be very annoyed at some point and then suddenly smile and say something funny about what is happening around us, just like the sun comes out of the clouds with no warning.
The three little girls discussing brands that made me understand more about marketing than all the articles I ever read on the subject.
The friend who doesn’t know where to situate her relationship and gets all thankful and happy when I give her advice over how to deal with the matter.
Peoples’ microexpressions as explained by F.A.C.T.S. .
Everyone on this forum, the awesome and the delusional altogether.
The list I’ve made with every unusual belief I was taught to have as a kid and got to my subconscious and manifested itself during psychosis. That list is real. EVerything on that list was not. Friggin scary.
The cooking lessons my hudsband takes and all the information he comes home with and shares with me.
The job I just nailed and the hope to do well in it, the chance to prove myself I can still function correctly even if I acepted I am SZ and I can’t hide from it anymore, nor can I hide it from others.

So on, so forth. Imagination is cool, but what really happens has a better thrill in it, if you pay attention. As for the effort of paying attention, that is another discussion - it’s really hard to do, indeed.