I might major in psychology


My associate’s degree is on it’s way to being processed. And I’ve basically got all my gen eds out of the way with the school I applied to that has the applied psychology program.

Another school I might apply at offers a pre-law bachelor’s degree that I find fairly interesting.

Either way, I hope I make the right choice of what to major in. I don’t have too much time left in my GI bill so I have to make the most of it!

Wish me well everyone!

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I’d go with psych, I’ve heard pre-law degrees aren’t actually very good for law school… or anything else. Congrats and good luck!


Yeah, I understand what you mean about the pre-law degree. I’ve read a lot of people who go on to law school often have their undergrad in philosophy, psychology, or english.

And thank you!


Good luck! I hope it goes well for you!


Thank you @Pianogal!

I think I’ll do a lot better in psych classes than I did in chemistry. Haha!

Take care. :slight_smile:


Good luck :four_leaf_clover::+1: I find psychology interesting too but difficult in a school setting. Well maybe depends on the professor. The first psychology class I took the teacher was awesome and I got a B. Gluck.


I was no good at chemistry. When the time came to decide which to take in high school, I took biology instead. Hope you enjoy whatever you decide to take. I am sure you will do well.


Do you have a Job? If not “get a job!”


Why do I need to get a job?

And why did you put that in quotes?


Its obviously why.

If you can study you can work. It’s has been good for me, maybe for you to


I’m not picking a fight. you’ve said something about having a degree. Put that to good use.


We’re cool dude. I only have associate degrees. One is in criminal justice, which is useless now since I’m diagnosed. And the other associate degrees are just general, what we call in the U.S. “transfer degrees.”

I would like to possibly work part time one day. For now I’m just making sure I can handle school first.



Thank you @Gratitude! :slight_smile: I’ve always done really well in psych at the college level, and social sciences in general.

Thank you @disciple! Yeah, college chem was tough haha. I’m fairly proud I got a C in it.

My brain must be wired weird, because I did terrible in college bio. Maybe I just wasn’t ready to be a serious student yet. Or I had too much going on in my life atm. Again, thank you. :slight_smile:


Good luck! You can do it for sure. One of my degrees is in Psychology.


How mannyy do you have?


I have two @Crocodal


Thank you! Happy Cake Day by the way!

@TheStrange :slight_smile:


Np. And thanks!!


5thats my target. Off topic!! Back to topic

Do it @montenezua my first desire was to do psychology also. I probably just need the degree after all this therapy years. I know what I’m doing. :joy:


I’d take psychology. I did. It will help you and others