I might major in psychology


What is an associate’s degree? Is a major like a master’s degree? Are your career options good with a major in psychology? I have no idea how things work over there, just curious.


Associates =degree from 2 year/community college
Bachelors=Degree from 4 year university school
Masters=degree from graduate school


Wait so bachelor’s are 4 years in the US???
And all community college degrees are 2 years???
What is graduate school?
We don’t have graduate school here, and bachelor’s are three years. Master’s are five years. Then we have a different name for four and six year courses.


Masters is like a next advanced school usually more specific. If you really wanna advance your career and make a lot of money. Most people go to med school, law school or get the masters. If their career requires it. It’s an advanced program still at the same colleges you would get a 4 year degree. But it’s a whole process similar to one in high school. Taking standardized tests and stuff. To get in.


So it’s at the same school, you just call it graduate school for some reason?

We have master’s degrees, by the way. It’s pretty much the same except from the standardized tests. We just have normal exams and long ass scientific papers.


Well you can go to a different school but my friend got his bachelors and masters at the same school.


@Treebeard, career options are generally very well for psychology majors.

There’s always a market for the degree. But many people go on to get their masters in either social work, or counseling. Sometimes people go further than a masters and get their PhD.

A PhD is favored by universities for those who want to teach psychology. And a masters or PhD is needed to become a licensed psychologist. This can vary by the state you’re located in though, and also what field of psychology you want to go into.

Personally I want to get my masters in philosophy.



Are master’s five years in the US or more?
If the US is anything like here, you’ll have a hard time finding a relevant job with a degree in philosophy.


I think a master’s degree takes on average an additional two to three years on top of the bachelors. So yeah, about 6 years of total college.

A masters in philosophy here in the U.S. is good for teaching or writing.

I’m just thinking way ahead though. I might just get an MBA (Masters in business administration).


@Montezuma are you able to pay for a master’s in psychology? If not, a bachelor’s in psych is mostly useless for getting a good job. Not trying to be a bummer, but I know many unemployed folks with psychology bachelor’s degrees. You need the master’s.


For some reason, you need pretty good grades to get into the bachelor’s and master’s courses in psychology here. I don’t know if all that work pays off for them, though. They can’t become therapists with those degrees.


Yeah, my funding is probably only good for a bachelors.

I might just change my major to business. Hmmm. Not sure. Although I could probably get some sort of state aid/and or scholarship for a masters if my grades are good enough.


Cool beans @Montezuma

Please let us know on your progress. Best wishez!



You could combine psychology and business. That might be a safer choice.


That’s a good idea. Like a double major.


Do something you like and are able to do. Psychology sounds okay. Good luck!

Having a degree is better than nothing. I have nothing so far.

Some jobs I’ve seen (the better ones) want a degree, any degree. A lot of people get jobs that don’t relate to their degree.


This is very true.

And thank you @insidemind!

My line of reasoning is that it’s better to study something that interests me. I want a bachelors degree mostly just to have one, and I think one in psychology would be really beneficial.

Edit to add:
If I do well in my undergrad I might go onto law school.


Mate. Sounds promising whatever you decide. I agree to do something that piques your interest! After all, it can be a long slog sometimes getting through study. Wish you all the best and keep on keeping on!


I have taken every psychology course offered at my college, I’m thinking about going for social work though. I dont know if I’d be accepted with my diagnosis though.

I’d really like to do it though.


i dont see why they wouldnt accept you!