I may stop going online

We’re being monitored by all these different apps.
We’re being tracked by google.
There is no more privacy and some apps like that face app has access to our photos!

No I’m not being delusional.
There is no more privacy and yes I’m becoming increasingly paranoid about it.

I don’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts but I’m starting to feel vulnerable just being online and even using this site I’m starting to feel a bit paranoid.

I may do away with all smartphones and laptops and just carry around a plain flip phone.

I’m done with this crap.


You can’t let it bother you. It’s the way of the future.


i’d hate to see you go. you’ll be missed. but if you have your reasons I understand

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Yes it bothers me too, I don’t like the fact that all our personal data is logged and possibly even monitored

If I was a criminal I’d be very worried about having a phone on me at all

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The only real effect I’ve seen from all this monitoring is targeted advertising. Targeted advertising is horrible because it tells people who see your computer screen what you’ve been doing online. I’m constantly closing down ads for asian brides, all I did was look at some japanese models online a few times. I keep saying I don’t want to see the ad but I keep getting it. I’m lucky I didn’t order something I didn’t want anybody to know about cuz if I did there’d be a GD ad for it all over my screen telling people who see my screen what I buy.

That’s the worst of it. I am thinking about getting a cheap notebook just for web browsing and just use the old computer for purchases and other ahem stuff… so that the ads dont show when I’m browsing the dang internet in public. Of course if the targeted ads are tied to my Google account then I’m screwed.

Other than that problem, I haven’t had any negative impact on my life from my activities online being monitored.


Wave I feel the same. I do have a facebook account but I’m strongly considering to close it.

I also feel vulnerable.

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Does this means you’ll be no longer on site?

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I just don’t do anything that they can get information online, like birthday etc, I have FB but has a fake birthday, good to have a fake email that you can use to join sites, my fake email is the wrong name

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I’m so sorry you feel that way…hope you stay.

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No I’ll probably stay on this site but just feeling a bit dismayed.
Going to get rid of some suspicious apps on my phone.

The more basic I make my iPhone the happier I’ll be.


Glad to hear that!

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I understand where you’re coming from wave. I don’t know if you’re experiencing paranoia or not but it really is true. Companies have way to much of our personal information.


My pdoc once said it was harder to do his job nowadays. Back in the day, if someone said “I think my TV is listening to me,” they were crazy. Now, you just have to turn off the “TV listens to you” setting.


I’m glad you’re not leaving this site! I would miss you!

I agree with you about the privacy issues. I have been job hunting for the past three months. No sooner do I get off a job page, then I go on Facebook and find three targeted ads based on job hunting. I go on Sparkpeople to log my food for my weight loss efforts and I get ads for yogurt or other food. The only sites that don’t spark targeted Facebook ads are my Christian pages. I never get anything related to that, but I do with pretty much everything else!


Thank you @Shmookitty!

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The only way that I would be worried about this is if I was doing something illegal online. Otherwise it’s not worth your time or mental health worrying about it.


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