I’m still being logged out of my account multiple times per day?

Anyone know why this could be?

It has to be some sort of issues with the cookies on whatever device you’re using. Or is this happening on multiple devices?

It used to happen to me frequently. It doesnt happen much anymore. As a matter of fact, now that you mention it, I can’t remember the last time it happened. I don’t know what changed. I changed no cookie settings and was not deleting them or anything.

So far it’s only happened on iPhone Chrome.
I have this unfortunate feeling that one of the mods is doing it because i know one doesn’t like who i wont mention.

I can guarantee that is not happening. Everyone is very very clear behind the scenes about who is doing what and why. There is also an audit trail for moderator actions that is visible to everyone else with the correct permissions. It would be immediately apparent if you were being targeted and you aren’t. No one even talks about you behind the curtain, so you are NOT a problem user, okay?



Good lol i was worried

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Please don’t be. You are valued and welcome here.


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You too man! Thanks!

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