I m now very delusional

like somedays in my life :sob::sob::sob:
i m now very delusional
and talking to myself and to hallucinations
why do you want to kill us ?!!!
and talking to myself and
they killed your father… and they want to kill your mother and want to kill your brothers and sister and kill me !!!
egyptian intelligence get them cia to kill you and your family all !!!

i try to rescue myself from drwoning in the delusion

your like that for 13 years

they are not real ppl

they are 13 years of illness!!!

hallucinations tell me we wont let you rescue yourself

we are real ppl

It’s been happening for 13 years
without break?

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usually there are reliefs
hallucinations nowday is very better than the beginning
also meds make them better in noticeable way
and i m functional too

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