I love beards

Idk why, but I think beards are awesome. I’m growing mine out again. Longest I grew it out was 6-7 months. I got pissed off when the barber did one side lower than the other when he trimmed my sideburns.

Anyways, currently 6 weeks of beard growth so far. Going for a full year!

Once I grow it out fully for a year, I might go clean shaven afterwards though, but only If I have slimmed down again. Stubble is also nice.


I’m trying to grow out my head hair and beard for Sikhism. I’m not baptized but it’s part of the religion.

It’s a heck of a task to groom but I’m up for it. Makes me look so manly.

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I thought you were a woman.

Not that women can’t grow beards.


My husband grew out a beard last November and hasn’t shaved since.

I like it.

He keeps it trimmed and neat.


I keep a daily stubble.


I used to think you were a guy lol

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Everybody does,

At least at first.

Have to post a selfie every year or so to remind people I’m indeed a sexy, sexy lady.


I love beards too.

My x boyfriend in sa has the best beard and long hair to his bum and I love long hair too.

It was perfect with him.

Perfect beard too.

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I reckon Doctors think beards are for people who can’t be bothered to groom. Possibly, it shows self neglect.

I have a VanDyke moustache myself and shave every few days as well as manicure my goatee, so it is a win win for me as it shows I look after myself and have facial hair.

What do you think of my theory?

I love beards on guys too. They are so beautiful! The longer the better - but neat ones of course :blush::+1:

I like long hair on men too. And short hair on women. A bit back to front lol! :laughing::laughing::laughing: I have a very short pixie cut myself after so long and I love the freedom of it :blush:


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