I look forward to having winter, can wear my fur hats

I have many fur hats, in winter I can wear these.


yea i like wearing my ears hat also… always look forward to it when i can start to wear it again

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I don’t wear winter hats or “touques” here in Canada, my hair becomes staticy and completely unmanageable. I rarely wear baseball hats either, they give me a “hat head”. My hair is such that hats make it unmanageable and look distorted and I look like an idiot when I take the hat off.

I love hats. My favorite style is unfortunately not something I can wear because I never do anything where that type of hat is appropriate

I don’t like hats. They mess up my hair.
I like looking fabulous. Especially in winter. The consistent backdrop of death goes well with my complexion. And my hair is honestly pretty great.

I have many hats, for summer and other seasons. I like hats, I have been wearing a woolly hat my aunt sent me from Sweden. She had also sz and died a short while ago. When I lived in America and travelled in different nations, I bought baseball caps, unfortunately I have just a baseball cap from Caymans with me now.

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I recently bought a down filled parka. Can’t wait to use it. I also bought a jeans jacket with lining so I’m prepared. It’s getting colder by the day. Winter is coming soon.

I might get this.

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