I little something in writ

Boredom Ensues
I’ve no right to complain about it, but it has no right to invade and take over either… Relentless, eager, and willing, this boredom is chains; a buried black box; timeless and empty, waiting to ensnare…
And behold! I have stumbled into the void-like vacuum of my own creation. Weightlessly falling as the nothing trembles in anticipation of my realization that we are one and the same. However, equality is not, and it is greater than I, even if only momentarily. But here, the moments are eternal with the limitless reach of that that is and always shall be.
Intangible, yet overbearing and seeking its own reasons—truths…
Forethought is irrelevant in such a state, for thought is such a state of irrelevancy in the roaring quiet that blinds the minds’ eye. As the tourniquet is loosened, the poison that is reality floods the nothing and brings forth painful sensations of unattended mindfulness.


I’d like to invite others to share yours

I wish I could express myself in words, but I’m a painter.



Dorian wept between the sheets of a lover next door. He’d imagined serenading her with the mathematics of rain, but instead he wrapped his arms around her–and fell into the dark abyss of her heart. Both haunted, within melancholy eyes, where lurks a vague memory that inspires fear of the unchained…the invisible ones–flightless birds who gravity had shaped in form, trusting the seasons slow burning, like a rainbow that blurred into a kaleidoscope-forever turning into new paradises. We were prisoners, sold into a timeless bindless world, a room they both secretly despised, that the watchmaker had not designed and wanted to control with their souls that were lost to the blind metranome. Lost in the stars, all we wanted was to find our ways home. For now we’re livingin the limitless, wondering, that we’re forever roaming the sands of time, alone.

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I’d like to see. @comatose I do many arts to unleash some of this…

Thank you for sharing. I was emotionally shifted while reading it @StarryNight

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bleak melodrama
twisted pain of the void
a deep dark chasm of unexplored dreams
with little or no light to penetrate my barren heart

an endless night
an interesting ceiling
as i count the cobwebs i wonder
where are all the spiders
searching i find i am not bored anymore
or am i

a life without God
an empty life where all we do is exist
there must be more to life than this
i ponder

conclusion- restless soul reborn

beyond- an eternal life


thought i would say hi.
take care

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I’m friends with a 20 year old drug addict. I myself was a 20 year old drug addict some 44 years ago. Frequently, he calls me and says he is bored.

I tell him I remember being a young adult and living with my parents and saying, “I have nothing to do.” My Mom said with exasperation, “Well, you could help out around here.” So I did gradually take over the maintenance of the home, and it was therapy for me.


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Hi to you as well. :slight_smile:

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Hello to you @darksith

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I wish that i could do that, maybe one day i will be able to, art is not my fortay(is that how you spell that?), but i was one hell of a defensemen during my hockey days.

If i could only go wonder the red wood forest safely for a bit, that would fix my boredom right up.

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