I lied to my psychiatrist about my schizophrenia

So, I’ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia since 2014.

I went to the psychiatrist today, and wanted to tell him that I had a really big episode that led me to be suicidal for months. But my mom was there, and she kept looking at me. I didn’t want to tell him because my mom was there, and if I ended up telling him, she would just keep asking questions about how long the psychosis was, and about how I should hide it after we get out of his office. My psychiatrist kept telling me, “That’s odd, you’ve had schizophrenia for a very long time, and now you’re telling me that you’re not experiencing any psychosis?” I had to tell him no, because my mom was there and I couldn’t say a word. I let my mom do the talking, and the talk went on to how I am a “miracle” because my seizures were not affecting me anymore, and the conversation went for him to assume that my muscular dystrophy is nonexistent.

I’m really wanting to go somewhere that I can explain everything freely and have an actual counseling session.

I miss being able to be open about my symptoms. Now I can’t even talk about it, even about my Muscular Dystrophy.

I hate this so much.


At first my ex-wife would go to the appointment and I felt uncomfortable and lie to the pdoc. After the divorce I still would tell the pdoc that the voices where gone. I did this for five years then I convinced myself I didn’t need the meds. Then a full bloom psychosis hit and I ended up in the hospital. Now I tell him everything this has
had a positivee impact on my treatment. If he doesn’t know what is going on he can’t provide better treatment plan


I have had that experience too, and it’s really hard to be honest… is there a way that you can schedule an appointment with your doc to go by yourself? It can be VERY challenging when moms want to be involved… but at the same time your doctor can’t help you if he doesn’t know what’s going on. I think it could be really healing for you to go on your own.

Just a thought…

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You should not have to have your mother in the room with the doctor. You should always feel free to be honest, whether she’s there or not.

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